Tuesday’s Astrological Weather 

Sun is in Aries and the Moon moves into Virgo around noon, ready to clean and organize things after the party or tantrum (or both!) in Leo, and the Grand Trine in fire is still in the sky fueling the day and infusing it with the optimism of Spring. Mercury has moved into Aries, firing up words and ideas, solutions might come easier, but may not be as well thought out. Mars, the planet of action, moves into earthy Taurus, cooling things down a bit. Mars joins Venus in Taurus. 

Moon is opposed by Neptune (confusion, dissolution) and challenged by Saturn (constricting and cold), which could feel icky if you let it. Go with the flow. Use it to set boundaries, but release expectations of the exact nature of the outcome. 

Elsewhere, I notice a challenging aspect between Saturn and Neptune. This can show up as feeling like the rules are changing or unclear. Venus is being challenged by the moon and by Jupiter, which might feel like the need to change your environment, or leave situations that aren’t bringing joy in search of those that do. 


Lunar Forecast for Monday 3/30/15

Moon is void of course most of the day, it may feel like a mini Mercury retrograde of sorts. Expect possible twists and delays.  Tomorrow, Moon moves into Virgo, Mercury will be in Aries, and Mars moves into Taurus. Thoughts and words could speed up, but action slows down, and there may be a feeling of needing to get things organized. 

Looking ahead, we’ve got a Full Moon lunar eclipse in Libra happening on Saturday, an extra potent Full Moon, whatever you normally experience on Full Moons could be intensified. The eclipse could also highlight an area that needs attention and correction.  For clues as to where this may happen for you, check your natal chart for the House that Libra is in.  

Trine in Fire, Sun in Aries, Moon in Leo, Activating the Uranus – Pluto Square (March 29, 2015) 

Moon is in LEO! Nice big Fire Trine in the sky involving two of the “luminaries,” Sun and Moon. Lots of harmonious aspects in the heavens today, it could be a very creative, productive day. 

Mind your heart, but be mindful of other’s hearts as well.  Leo likes to be the center of attention, we all deserve our Leo moments, just bear in mind that when the moon is in Leo it’s likely that all the world wants to be center stage at the same time. See others, set an example for cooperative “stardom.” Own your gifts and share them, but avoid doing any of this at the expense of others as tempers are likely to flair, especially with so much fire in the skies. 

Yes, we still have the Uranus-Pluto square going on, and it’s still quite exact, meaning these two are at nearly the same degree, 90 degrees apart. There is still plenty of fuel for transformation, and there will be through 2016. There is still plenty of fuel for death and rebirth-type transformation on both a personal and a global level. 

With a Fire Trine, moon in Leo, and the U-P square, it will to see what today’s headlines hold. 󾭟

Moon in Cancer, March 28, 2015

Moon is still in nurturing Cancer until tomorrow when Luna moves into look at me, love me Leo. Lots of fire in the skies, but harmonious, productive, like Spring is.  How have your dreams been recently? Moon opposing Pluto gives us a chance to clear out some emotional gunk, and Neptune square Saturn might make them especially vivid and deep.

Cancer is considered a nurturing sign, but Cancer needs to be nurtured as well. If you’ve been felt a pinch recently while the Moon has been here, look for ways you’d like to be nurtured, and ask for that. You need fuel in your tank ❤️

Moon in Cancer at the First Quarter

Moon is in Cancer, home, “family,” and nurturing of all kinds are highlighted. We are at the first quarter, meaning the moon is at a square (90 degrees) to the sun, and any projects or intentions begun at the new moon may be revised a bit based on experiences since the 20th. Moon also opposes Pluto, there could be some sensitivities and push/pull between what feels safe and comfortable and what adjustments are required in order to meet the future. Take breaks if you can, walking in natural areas as well as connecting with animals will help you feel grounded and ready to face whatever the day holds.

Aho ❤️

Astro Forecast for March 25, 2015 – Foundations! 

Moon is still in monkey mind Gemini, with a square to Chiron today. Chiron is the wounded healer, considered a representative of our deepest wound, so watch to see what comes up for you today, and, as always, breathe and be gentle with yourself and mindful that others may be experiencing challenges. 

There is a Yod with moon in Gemini and Jupiter in Leo pointing to Pluto in Capricorn, which could mean some transformative experiences, like maybe the “other shoe” that you’ve been waiting to drop will finally fall and you’ll find things falling more into place with your own new paradigm. 

To my intuitive heart, it feels like things may shift enough for folks to be in line with that “new beginnings” feeling that you may have been feeling this Spring, and clarify/solidify your direction. Like the foundation for the near future is being poured.  

Yahoo!! 💫

Lunar Forecast for Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Moon has moved into chatty Gemini this morning, let the ideas FLOW! Stern Saturn opposes the moon, possibly putting a damper on those ideas, and both form a square to Neptune in Pisces. Unsure how to move forward or feeling blocked by Saturn? Turn to a different, more creative (for you) mode of expression for an outlet. Journal it out, in words, drawings, photography…maybe even food – create a new dish. Get outside your usual box.