Moon has been in Leo this past weekend, and will be until this evening. Today’s moon will stand up for what it believes in, especially with Mars, the planet of action, so close to Mercury, the planet of thoughts and words, so close together in Taurus, along with the Sun – our vitality, which is also in Taurus. 

Moon moves into Virgo this evening, creating a harmonious trine of Earth and Earth. If you have been involved with any type of battle or conflict, either with others or yourself, I suspect it will feel like time to rest and feel the embrace of your own gratitude. 

Today’s moon colors outside the lines 

Sun is in earthy, patient, Taurus, lover of the status quo, and moon is currently in waterly, nurturing Cancer. But…moon as walked into aspect with the astrological configuration of the times, the one everyone has been talking about since 2012, the square between revolutionary-rebellious Uranus in freedom seeking-pioneering Aries, and Pluto (Lord of the Underworld and seer of secrets) in structured and enterprising Capricorn.  

Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn, and squares Uranus in Aries, making this powerful aspect of great change personal.  Everything about the astrology of the past month where several planets were in Aries helped us to get clear about what is is that we really want and what works best for us at this time. Today’s lunar aspect will accept nothing less. It will either feel like a test, if you’re not ready to let go of what’s in your way and living on new ground, or it will feel like and expansive victory parade of affirmation that you are and have been on the right path for you – the you-est you that you know how to be, the you that you came here to be. 

If you’re feeling tested, used this planetary configuration of the moon to step boldly in the direction of your future, even if it seems super radical and contrary to everything you’ve been taught, the energies support your change and unique path, indeed it demands it. Resist at your own peril for it may not feel too good, and this theme will come up again in slightly different ways month after month until 2016 when Uranus and Pluto move out of their challenging geometrical relationship to one another. 

Final note, though, Moon is in Cancer, who wants to nurture and be nurtured. Cancer likes feeling safe and secure, and at home. Use the steadiness and groundedness of the prevailing Taurus energies to help you navigate your own version of a safe passage.  Moon will feel especially drawn to whatever area of life corresponds to the astrological house where Cancer resides in your natal chart. For more information on this, consult with your local astrologer. 


Astrology Finals…Moon in Multitasking! or ADHD Gemini 

Do astrologers go to school? Yes! Tonight I am writing my finals and working on my case study which are due this weekend. 

Moon is in Gemini, great for study and exploring ideas, but with Sun (vitality) and Mercury (communication, thought) in steady, earthy Taurus, I would rather think about it while enjoying a nice hot bubble bath… Mars (who wants to act on something) is in Taurus, too, so perhaps I’d do well to partake in a astrologically inspired yoga practice or other workout, and then hop in that bath! 
In any case, back to the books I go for now. ❤️⭐️🌙


Sun entered Taurus today, and for most of the work day on the west coast, the moon is also there. Today may feel like a welcome relief from the amped up energy of the last few degrees of the sun in Aries. A lovely way to welcome and experience Taurus is to simply go outside and still the mind and body. Just BE with the sounds of the birds and the bugs and the plants growing. Feel the steady contentment of the energy of Taurus season. 

Aho ❤️

The Garden 

I was going to write and post a blog tonight about the new moon on Saturday, but 4 days of headache and sleepless nights spent with Casey this week updated my plans for me, and I have been napping since I got home tonight, and I’m now going to bed. Hope to have a last minute post by tomorrow evening because it’s a super cool new moon scenario with Pluto going retrograde and certain other planets supporting stepping beyond the things that have been holding you back in your life. 

Know that this time is about you, and that by tending to your own garden you raise the vibration in the world around you so that others will be able to tend to their own gardens. Taking care of yourself, sensitive ones, is not a selfish act, it is an act of service, and creates more space for your growth than digesting the difficulties of others. By tending to your own garden of joy, you open space for more joy, both in yourself and in the world around you. 

And let me be an example by going to bed now. ❤️

Bright Blessings! 

For Today, Tax Day 

We are under the influence of a dreamy Pisces moon, swimming to a meet up with Chiron, the wounded healer, in hard aspects to Venus and Saturn. This is a good arrangement for clearing up old emotions and patterns, but energy feels light for today, buoyant, despite the description I just wrote. Old is moving on and making way for new ❤️

All feelings are valid because they are yours. All is possible when you allow your eyes and heart to be open to your experience. 

Lunar (Emotional) Weather Forecast through Wednesday April 15 

I’m taking a couple of on-line classes and haven’t had the same amount of time to post! 

Moon has been in Aquarius, humanitarian and scientist. Aquarius can see the direction we need to go very clearly, and communication is assisted by Mercury. On Tuesday, moon slips into dreamy Pisces in a T square with Venus and Saturn. We see beautiful possibility as well as reminders of the limits we’ve set, and we bounce between them. Mars is traveling through earthy and sometimes stubborn Taurus, squaring expansive Jupiter in heart centered Leo. We may want to act on our hearts desire, but find that the time is just not yet right.  

Mercury moves into Taurus with Mars on Wednesday, slowing down manic thoughts and ideas, and calming our throat chakras after the warrior mode of Aries, and although it might not yet be time to act (Mars square Jupiter above), we can at least talk about it and make some plans, or better yet, let those plans come to us, Taurus style. 

Moon moves into Aries on Thursday, trine to Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius..more on that later. 

New moon in Aries on tap for the weekend on Saturday, more on that later and some ideas for intentions for this cycle later as well, but as food for thought, find the house in your natal chart where 28 degrees Aries falls for clues on what will be highlighted for you in these next 1 and 6th month lunar cycles. 

Bright blessings!