stay present

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Hello, beautiful people! I have been on a Facebook diet, but I have been thinking about you. How has this month been for you? It’s been busy, hasn’t it? Energy is often really high between eclipses, and this month is book ended by eclipses. We have a full moon, super moon, blood moon eclipse in Aries this weekend. 
Yesterday was the equinox, a balancing point between the solstices, however it feels like the accelerator pedal is stuck, doesn’t it? We’ve got some intensity ahead of us, though, before an integration period in October. The way through this period is to stay present and aware of how things happening in your life are showing up and how they feel, but try to avoid holding onto anything. If you must reach for something, reach for a deeply felt sense of love and appreciation, regardless of what’s going on around you. Let love and appreciation be the set point that you continually return to. 
A lot is happening below the surface as well, you can probably feel it. Allow this too, allow it to flow through you without holding on or defining it; all will be clear in time. Trust and allow. 
Aho ❤️


New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo 

Lunar forecast for September 12 and 13 – New Moon and solar eclipse in Virgo. 
This is an excerpt from my September forecast published in Lotus Moon Magazine – you can read the full forecast here.

Moon is in Virgo, sign of the priest/priestess, the sovereign, and the servant. We return to our sense of self and what we hold sacred. Sun and Moon oppose wounded healer Chiron with a trine to Pluto allowing access to our own shadow and insight to areas where we may need to take better care of ourselves so that we are better able to be of service.   
The New Moon is always a time of power, however this month’s New Moon coincides with a solar eclipse in Virgo, making it extra powerful as much more will be revealed than in non-eclipse New Moons. September 1997 was the last solar eclipse in Virgo, and this eclipse continues the cycle. Themes that you were working with back then are likely to re-surface again at this time. If you can, make this a day of deep rest, quietude, and contemplation.  

Ancestors and Guides will be close at hand, answers to long-held and deep-seated questions are likely to arise if we make time and space to receive them. In fact, the sabian symbol for the new moon is “a girls basketball team,” further underlining ideas of what it means to work together. 

Aho! And Bright Blessings

❤️ Aiyanna

The Wheel Turns to September: 9/2/2015 

Does today feel a bit sensual and indulgent? Moon is in grounded Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, the planet that rules what we consider beautiful. Harmonious relationships to expansive Jupiter, powerful Pluto, and dreamy Neptune can help us to slow down and notice. 
We are headed to a challenge by drama king and drama queen Mars and Venus in Leo, just a heads up. Also, heads up that Saturn is traveling through the last degrees of Scorpio for the last time in 29 years. We experienced this sensitive area twice already in the last year. The saying goes that the third time is the charm, but know that some deep past intensity could come up. Ride the wave this time and know that any wonky feelings will pass. You’ve already done a lot of heavy lifting around what is likely to come up now.  

The final degrees before a planet changes signs are often a sensitive spot. I say again, remember your heart and practice compassion for yourself and others. Use the tools of this Taurus moon time to hell you through any rough patches for the next couple of days, tune into the natural world around you with all of your senses, find and appreciate these with all of your senses. Enjoy lovely meals (which means put your smart device down and close your email and enjoy your meals with all of your senses focused on the experience of eating), go for walks, breathe deeply, and stop to smell the roses. 

Aho and many blessings 


Full Moon Forecast – Pisces Super Moon

Full moon in Pisces today, exact at 11:35AM Pacific. This full moon packs quite a punch and prepares us for the coming solar and lunar eclipses happening next month. It is also a Super Moon, meaning the moon is super close to earth with especially strong pull on the waters, including our emotions.

Moon is in Pisces, conjunct (meaning close) with intuitive Neptune, and opposing the Sun (our vitality) and expansive Jupiter conjunct in Virgo, the Priestess. Virgo/Pisces is considered the axis of healing, and much healing potential exists today. Planetary energies are high and we are likely feeling quite sensitive, open to the beauty of all that surrounds us, and aware of the path we have individually and collectively taken to reach this point.

Sun/Jupiter and Moon/Neptune form a square with Saturn in the last degrees of Scorpio who is scouring our depths. Cold truths revealed and faced, and we are asked to feel deeply. Anger? Feel it. Sadness? Feel it. Betrayal? Feel it. And so on. Balance with deeply feeling Joy, Love, and Connection as they arise as well. Honor what surfaces today, for in honoring the truth of our experiences and feelings we grow. Sun/Jupiter and Moon/Neptune form harmonious aspects with death and rebirth Pluto, further underlining this theme today.

Warrior Mars and Venus. Goddess of beauty and truth, are conjunct in Leo in a challenge with Pluto, but trine (harmonious) with Uranus: Use this energy to let go of that which no longer supports you, for indeed that is what the full moon is all about. In the coming days, the light of the moon will wane, and with it the strength of the hold that old ideas have on us, if we so choose. Remember, that which is stripped away or dropped opens up space for what does support us, and so much has changed for all of us, there are many things that we must let go of now and in the coming days in order to make space for New.

The next few days are likely to be intense. Practice presence and compassion.

Remember to be gentle and patient with yourself and with others. We are all moving forward in ways that we did not expect, and we are all feeling the impact of the journey. More changes are ahead, and the key to successfully navigating them is to find connection with your heart. The lunar themes for next month involve a return to the sacred, and today we prepare for this part of the journey.

Aho, many blessings!

Astrological forecast for 8/5/15 

Today is a make it happen make it real day. Jupiter and Venus in from the heart Leo trine the moon and shake it up Uranus in me first Aries today, and square ambitious Saturn in Scorpio. A good day to reaffirm commitments that may have slipped and let go of stuff holding you back. 
Out and about in the world there could be a bit of self interest with an Aries moon, but Venus and Jupiter soften this, particularly with Venus retrograde encouraging us to slow down and notice how we fit in with others a bit more than usual. 

Personally, I’m looking forward to the groundedness of a Taurus moon up next; moon rolls into Taurus this evening, still collaborating with that Jupiter / Venus conjunct in Leo scenario. 

Let love lead the way today! 

Astrological Weather Forecast for Monday August 3 2015 

Does it feel like things have shifted and are getting clearer? Moon is in Pisces for the first part of the day, and moves into Aries in the afternoon. Pisces dissolves boundaries and feel the connection of all things, Aries is individual and personal. Pisces is water, Aries is fire..they are quite different. 
Meanwhile, Saturn is moving direct again, still in Scorpio but the forward movement feels good, like we are actively letting go of weighty Scorpio stuff, and Saturn squares Jupiter and Venus today. This adds to the feeling of something coming together and to fruition, and the possibly that it all makes sense. Mars is linked up and interacting with the Uranus – Pluto square, and a grand trine involving the moon provides relief from the pressure at least for the first part of the day. All this is to say, good morning! Make the most of it this morning, tuning into zen and optimism. The afternoon may feel different, a little more fire and a little more pressure, or zoom, if you prefer. 

Jupiter will move into Virgo soon. Leo can enjoy the last few degrees of the cosmic multiplier, and Virgo stand ready to feel the world open up a bit more. 


Venus is Retrograde in Leo – What Does that Mean, Exactly?

Venus is retrograde until September 6. So what does that mean? Is it like Mercury retrograde?

Not exactly. To understand Venus retrograde, we first have to look at what Venus astrological stands for:


Our urge to relate and connect, and the quality of our connections

When a planet is retrograde, it’s energies are turned inward, like we were looking in a mirror and seeing yourself through your own eyes rather than through the eyes of others. When a planet is retrograde, it doesn’t Feel like it’s functioning in the way it normally does. The things that it stands for can go a little haywire. In the case of Venus, we might do things and make choices related to the list of items above that we wouldn’t ordinarily.   We might be attracted to things and people that we aren’t normally attracted to. This could be a good thing, but it could also be a bad thing.

The path forward requires awareness. Step out of the norm, but be aware that you may have buyers regret come September. With Venus in Leo, there is some potential for drama, but there is also the potential to get really clear about what is really important to us in Venus-type areas. What I am seeing a lot of is personal values and standards around how we are spoken to and treated. It’s about respect.   This is the time when it may become impossible to hold back from making it clear what your preferences are in relationships of all kinds.

This is a time to command respect, the astrology supports it. Notice I said command, not demand. Commanding respect requires demonstrating your respect for yourself in order to show others how you will be treated. Get rooted in it. You are already abundant in self worth, there is nothing to prove to anyone, you simply show respect to them as well. This is the Venusian way, and requires the consideration of others while remaining deeply in touch with the mystery and magic that is You.