Capricorn Full Moon Window is Open!

The Capricorn full moon window is OPEN!   

Exact at 3:56PM PDT on Tuesday, July 19, in true Capricorn style, this foundation building full moon shows plenty of potential. A grand trine in the water signs connects warrior Mars in Scorpio the depths of truth seeking, wounded healer Chiron in the ocean of Pisces, and the sun in sensitive, security seeking Cancer. Moon in enterprising Capricorn forms a trine (harmonious aspect) to expansive Jupiter in grounded and practical Virgo, a sextile (harmonious aspect) to Mars in Scorpio, and a sextile to wounded healer Chiron in Pisces. Death and rebirth Pluto forms a trine to Jupiter in Virgo, and a sextile to dreamy Neptune in Pisces. Moon opposing sun both square change bringer Uranus in Aries and create a T square, and we have another T square with Jupiter in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces, both squaring Saturn – lord of karma – in wisdom seeking Sagittarius. Mars sextiles Jupiter, and trines harmony seeking Venus and mental Mercury in heart-centered Leo.  

So much is happening in the world, we have all been impacted by it. We have been asked to take a look at our values and priorities and to assess how they are being supported or unsupported in the world at large. This full moon is an opportunity to look at what really matters to you, and if you are putting what matters to you the right ranking order in your list of priorities. Take a look at your daily actions and asses if those are in line with your priorities. It may be time to make some changes, and the first step is awareness. In what areas of your life are you experiencing tension and pressure? What is it that is out of alignment for you? And what are you willing to do about it? Sometimes all that is needed is a series of small adjustments, and others a grander change is called for.  

What structure (Capricorn/moon) do you need to put in place in order to feel safe(Cancer/sun)?  

Full moons can bring intense energy: Notice what arises within and around you. Notice what is “up” for you, and notice what is “up” for others and the world at large. Tap into the Capricorn gift of groundedness. Stay centered, move past ego and reaction and tap into the available energy to make the the changes that you need to make in order to feel more supported in the structure of your life. In the coming weeks, while the moon is waning, tap into that lunar energy and let go of what no longer supports you. Make space for your own evolution.  

Much love, 

❤️ Aiyanna 

New Moon in Cancer – July 4 

The Cancer New Moon window is open. Moon moved into Cancer at 6:20AM PDT on July 3, and will join the sun at 13 degrees Cancer at 4:01 AM PDT on Monday, July 4. Moon in Cancer is concerned with safety, security, and balancing care of others with care of self. Mercury, moon, sun and Venus are all in the sign of Cancer; thoughts, feelings, values, and activities that bring us vitality are all focused in the Cancerian areas mentioned above. 

After weeks of tension created by a Grand Cross in the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, coupled with the end of Mars retrograde in the often shadowy depths of Scorpio, this weekend is a perfect time to carve out time for plenty self nurturing and self care, however that looks for you. Allow your fires to be re-stoked in preparation for the next lunar cycle. Spend time near water, if possible, and allow yourself to slow down and notice not only what you are feeling emotionally, but how you are feeling in your body. Honor what it is that you haven’t been paying attention to. Allow yourself go to inside the Cancer crab shell and find a deeper connection with yourself. Cardinal (leadership) water (emotions) themes are high with this new moon; follow it’s lead and find manifesting energies around heading in any new directions that you feel called to, and prepare to tap into new strengths. Keep these themes in mind when setting new moon intentions this month.  

The grand cross and retrograde energies that we have been living through have been intense and revealing. Remember that we are still in the balsamic phase of the moon (the waning phase), and, according to moon lore, this is the time to let go of anything that you are ready to let go of.    

Although Mars stationed direct on the 29th, this warrior planet is still at a standstill. Use this time wisely to examine anger, either your own or the anger of those around you, and how you either express it or don’t, and if that mode of approaching anger is working for you or not. Anger, used positively, is fuel for action and making needed changes to bring yourself and your surroundings into greater alignment. 

Full Moon and Summer Solstice 

I spent the past four days off the grid at a lovely lodge in the woods along the Columbia River Gorge.  It was a perfect way to prepare for the energies of the changing of the seasons…

Full moon and Summer Solstice Window is OPEN

Monday morning June 20th at 4:02AM PDT we will experience our second full moon in Sagittarius this year. The first Sag full moon was on May 21st at 1 degree 14, and this full moon falls at 29 degrees 32. There are 30 degrees in each zodiacal “slice” of the zodiac pie, so this full moon falls at the end of the Sagittarius slice, just before the moon moves into Capricorn. This full moon is about COMPLETION and RELEASE. It’s time to let go of something you’ve been holding onto that is holding you back, and take it from one who knows: It’s best to let go rather than wait for something outdated to be ripped from you. 

Changing energy is the underlying theme of the day. 

The Grand Cross in the mutable signs that has been in effect for the past month is still in place and pulling us in all directions at once, testing our resolve and testing what it is we think we stand for and who we are. Sun and moon are at both shining bright and are at peak power at this time. Emotions are likely to run high and words could be misdirected, however, “the stars” are never an excuse for rash behavior and cruel words. 

The summer solstice is the moment that the sun enters the sign of Cancer, and this will occur a little less than 12 hours after the full moon. Cancer is a cardinal sign, meaning that it leads the way into a season, much like Libra leads us into Fall, Capricorn leads us into Winter, and Aries led us into Spring. Seeds planted earlier in the year are taking root now, but are still in need of careful tending. Moon moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn today, adding the the changing energy of the day. So we have: Sun changing from Gemini to Cancer, Moon changing from Sagittarius to Capricorn, a mutable Grand Cross.. Plus Moon forms a harmonious relationship with Uranus – the planet of sudden, electric CHANGE. 

So again, if there is something that you have been holding onto that belongs in the past, LET GO. It’s time to move forward. You were destined for this growth. 

Much love, 

Aiyanna ❤️

“Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe” 

“Your vibe attracts your tribe.”  

Do you believe that? I do. But even as our tribe increases, day to day we still have to deal with people who do not “vibe” with us. The are not part of our tribe. We do not feel at home with them, we don’t feel seen, we don’t feel heard, we don’t feel safe.  

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I forget that there is nothing wrong with me when I have an interaction with someone who doesn’t “get” me. Sometimes I have a lot of these in succession. I would love it if we all loved each other, but we don’t, not yet, and we don’t have to. I am not for everyone, and not everyone is for me.  

But we can still be kind, even if we don’t understand or can’t imagine where someone is coming from. We can always be kind. 

And, after we have spent time with people who don’t get us, we can return to our tribe and remember that we are seen, we are heard, we are understood.  

We are whole.

New Moon in Gemini

New moon in Gemini today, exact at 7:59PM PDT. This one is about self love and what you value. 

Background: Mutable Grand Cross: Expansive Jupiter in down to the details Virgo, stern Saturn in wisdom seeking Sagittarius, dreamy Neptune in the ocean of Pisces, and sun (vitality), emotional moon, and balance and beauty seeking Venus in information junkie, Gemini.  

Grand Trine in the earth signs: Jupiter in Virgo, transformative Pluto in enterprising Capricorn, and mental Mercury in steady Taurus.  

Action hero Mars is retrograde in the stormy depths of Scorpio, trine wounded healer Chiron in Pisces.  

Story: There is a lot of change in the air, and you’re likely in touch with what is not satisfying you in your life. You’ve been feeling pulled in a thousand different directions for far too long, are feeling stretched thin, and wondering where the heck the ground is and when you might be able to relax and enjoy the longer days and summer weather ahead. You can thank the mutable grand cross for this awareness, and although you may be tired of it, it has your best interests at heart.  

Whatever you haven’t dealt with has come to the surface to be dealt with over the past month and a half, and although you may be tired, you really do need to look at what’s coming up and face facts that it’s time to do those things that will address what you’re feeling – those things that you really don’t want to do. 

At your core, you know exactly what it is that you need to do now, exactly what new boundaries you need to set and hold firm to, exactly what you need to leave in the past – that job, that lover, those friends, those ideas, that house, the car, all that crap in your closet and in your spare bedroom…all of those things that are holding you back but that you have been holding onto. 

Saturn is staring sun, moon, and Venus down: Time to get real about what brings a sense of vitality to you, how you are feeling about your life, and what you really value. Saturn’s main requirement is that you do the work. No one but you can do this for you; no one but you can answer the questions you have been asking and no one but you can listen to the wisdom that you’ve been getting from inside your soul, and no one but you can make the decisions that need to be made and take the steps that need to be taken. 

This is about self love. Believe in yourself. You can do this. Sometimes it’s not about the grand sweeping change that you think of first, but smaller steps and shifts that lie just beneath the surface. You’ve been hearing whispers for a while, and it’s time to listen to that small, still voice. It’s time to get things aligned (thanks, Saturn). Get clear about the groundwork today. Set intentions around this groundwork and make space for the magical ways that it will be supported. Get out of your head and into your heart, get in touch with the truth of the matter – the truth about what matters to you.  

New moon in Gemini is about communication and connection. How is your communication and connection with yourself? How is your communication and connection with others? How we communicate with others is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves and how we are talking to ourselves. If you are not seeing or receiving what you want to see from others, what shifts can you make that will improve your relationship with yourself and your experience in the world?  

Today, as with all new moons, there is a lot of potential. As much as you might be feeling discomfort about things in your life, get grounded and clear about what is happening and work with this information constructively.  

Stop and smell the roses. Notice the changing of the seasons, celebrate the turning of the wheel of the year. Work with what you’ve got while you work toward where you see yourself in the future.  

Much love, 

❤️ Aiyanna

Where is Waldo/Aiyanna?

I’m at the NORWAC astrology conference this weekend, attending lectures and visiting with lots of other astrologers. I love this event. This is the second year that I have attended, and just like last year, I’m glad I’m here.  

Today, moon is finishing up her journey in Aquarius and headed for the watery depths of Pisces. I can’t think of a more perfect moon situation for attending an astrology conference. Moon is square the sun in information junkie Gemini, square warrior Mars retrograde in Scorpio, and sextile Uranus in Aries. Air, water, and fire…and still that grand trine in the earth signs to help us draw it all down into the practical, physical plane.

Today I learned how to look at and work with the “crazy” in people’s charts (starting with my own) and I learned more about expansive Jupiter and how Jupiter relates/correlates with Saturn, then I learned about how to determine which planets are joyful in a chart, and how planets in joyful placement can mitigate the scarier, detrimental potentials show in the energy.  

There are lots of people here this year, some I recognize but more that I don’t, and there are more people from my hometown of Portland attending this year.

I am digesting all this while enjoying a glass of wine before dinner.  

❤️ Aiyanna 

Moon in Enterprising Capricorn Provides Clues to Avoiding Drama Today

Moon is in enterprising Capricorn, headed toward a meet up with Pluto and connection to the ongoing grand trine in earth signs. Moon makes harmonious connections with chatty Mercury – now out of retrograde – in sensuous, stubborn Taurus, spiritual and expansive Jupiter in detail oriented Virgo, and dreamy Neptune in the ocean of Pisces. Other than the Pluto meet-up, lunar aspects look supportive of our ability to stand our ground and choose the direction our lives are going in, if we decide to access what’s available to us.  

Good thing because warrior Mars retrograde opposes the sun in chatty, information junkie Gemini. Gossip, anyone? Mars is headed backwards into the depths of secretive Scorpio, one of the signs that it rules, but this configuration could indicate some touchiness today. See above re: applying focus and discipline available through the moon and keep your eyes and heart on what you want to see, not what you are ready to leave behind.