Libra moon, Sun moves into Leo, and Venus! 

The sun, still in Cancer, is poised to move into Leo tonight at 8:30 pm Pacific. Can you feel the change as we prepare to move from water to fire? 
Meanwhile, moon in Libra is one point of a cardinal cross in the sky, translated – planets in all of the cardinal signs (the four signs that begin the new seasons) forming oppositions and squares with each other, means a lot of dynamic tension in the sky. Add a grand trine in water (planets in all the water signs forming a big triangle with all their harmonious aspects) provides release for the cardinal tension. Water signs facilitate emotional awareness….or emotional release, including erupting like a volcano and emoting all over yourself and everyone else. Something to think about today. Before an outburst, ask yourself if that is what best serves? 

This is a powerful day with potential for intense energies. 

Venus, currently just barely in Virgo, will move retrograde on the 25th and move back into Leo for the summer. This will make things interesting until early September when the goddess of love and money (and your personal tastes) will move direct again. More on that later. 


Virgo Moon 

Astrological energy looks a little sticky today. 
Moon is in Virgo, opposed by Chiron the wounded healer often said to represent our deepest wound. Sun, Mercury, and Mars are squared with transformative Uranus which is still squaring Pluto and adding pressure. Jupiter and Venus are square limiting Saturn.  
A lot is possible on a day where the stars are arranged like this, but flow will be missing if you force anything. Momentum is building, read the water and follow your intuition to ride the waves. We escape by taking a higher view. Are you too close to a situation and unable to see the forest that the trees make? Step back, time out, and take another read. The answer is right in front of you. How aligned with your truth are you? 

The gifts of the day are available to those who take a higher, broader view. Virgo moon wants to be of service, which means an awareness of others and their needs. Balance self care with holding space for others as they go through their process. You don’t need to fix it for them, but do show compassion. 



July 11, The Fresh Start 

Fresh starts abound today. The old has been cleared and space made for new. Relax, enjoy, celebrate! 
There is an open feeling to today, after some initial heaviness is shed. Astrologically, the sun, Mars and Mercury are in the water element, and the moon is in earth. Venus is highlighted today and asks you to get in touch with where and how you experience beauty and connectedness. This should not be overlooked today and is a great opportunity for new information about you and your path and purpose to come in, should you be bold enough to turn away from whatever distractions are attempting to prevent you from looking at it. 

Be it birds or boulders or buildings, tune into where you find beauty, and there you will find your own beauty, your own truth, your Center. 
(The last half of this message was completely channelled, I have no idea who it is for, but I trust it will reach the people it needs to meet) 
Aho and Aloha 


Moon in Aries, Moon of Truth 

Moon is in action hero Aries, and on Wednesday she meets up with the transformative Uranus-Pluto square that we’ve been been experiencing since 2012. Pluto, lord of the underworld, opposes the sun and Mars in Cancer. The Uranus trine Jupiter and Venus in Leo is also still playing out. 
This is a chance to get it right. Consciously drop old karma from the past and set your feet firmly on your path toward the future. These stars support the ability to completely drop the old and transform. Take a walk. As you identify stuff you’re ready to drop, imagine it flowing out through the bottoms of your feet and into the earth to be transmuted. Trust the process and trust the earth to receive and clear what you’re releasing. 

Walk away from it. Whatever has been holding you back, walk away with no need to look back and check on it. You live in a new world now, one you couldn’t have imagined 6 months ago. You may not even be able to remember what you felt like 6 months ago, and that’s ok, it’s as it should be. 

Be bold, but inwardly bold. Visit the uncharted areas of your inner self, and tap into your own potential. 

Aho and Aloha 


Moon in Pisces, Dive Into the Waters of Psyche 

Moon moves out of idealistic and freedom loving Aquarius and into the sensitive, deep waters of Pisces today, with harmonious aspects to the sun (the self) and Mars (a call to action.)  
Today is a good day to reflect on where you have been and where you are going. What baggage needs to be jettisoned in order to lighten your load and allow you to reach your destination with less conflict and struggle? We are being called to let go of old ways associated with ego – my way or the highway, if it doesn’t support what I want my beliefs to be, I must obliterate it until it no longer threatens me – that’s the ego. 

Get quiet, and get in touch. Get so in touch with what you are made of that there is room for what others are made of, also. What you stand for today might be different from what you stood for a year or even 6 months ago, and that’s ok, so long as we allow ourselves to grow and change. 
Your world today might look so different that you’re not sure who or where you are. That’s ok. Take stock. Get quiet, get in touch. Journal. Take all the time you need to, even chunks of time over several days will help you get clear, clear out the old, welcome the new, and then choose your path. 


Capricorn Full Moon – July 1 2015

We are in the Capricorn Full Moon Window! The full moon happens tomorrow night (Wednesday July 1) at 7:20PM PDT.

This is the reality check moon. Capricorn is a practical sign, it’s grounded, like it’s element, Earth.

One of the things that I didn’t really think about until I began to study astrology is that the full moon always happens with the moon is opposite the sun on the wheel of the zodiac. Unlike the new moon, which occurs in the same sign as the sun does and in harmony with the sun, the full moon opposes the sun. Our outer world (the sun) and inner world (the moon) are staring each other down; they both want the same thing, but the way they go about it is completely different. Moon is in no-nonsense Capricorn, and the sun is in the sensitive, nurutring sign of Cancer. This isn’t to say that Capricorn can’t be nurturing, but nurturing is not what it’s known for, it’s more the Chairman of the Board type. “It’s not personal, it’s just business,” but that’s not what’s important to the moon, which happens to rule the sign Cancer, where the sun is shining.

Opposite signs are just that – opposite. They share a common motivation, in this case – security – but their means to the end are very different. So there’s that.

This is a moon that can see where we’ve stretched ourselves too thin and reminds us of boundaries. What is safe, what is a stretch, and what is impossible? Get down to the nitty gritty and focus on what’s right in front of you, and check your priorities. This moon wants to see it’s hard work pay off, or you can forget about it. This moon is good for dropping old habits and replacing them with new, more suitable and productive habits.

Moon is conjunct Pluto, God/Goddess of the Underworld, the planet of Unavoidable Truth. What needs to go is laid bare is staring you down, you can look away, but why would you waste this opportunity see what’s really happening and what will help you move forward on your path? Also: Cardinal Cross alert – Sun and moon square the lunar nodes in Aries (south node) and Libra (north node) which are calling attention to matters of self and other. How are you contributing to the world? What legacy are you leaving? You came here with a purpose that only your heart knows – no one call tell you what it is, you won’t find it on a book, on TV, on the radio, not even on Facebook.

Meanwhile, Jupiter and Venus are still conjunct in big hearted Leo with a trine to Uranus, lending to a sense of anything being possible, as long as it’s centered in love. This is the time to recognize your shine and share it.

When in doubt, Lead with Love.

Big Change = High Energy, and a Need for Gentleness 

(From my Facebook page) Energy has been intense lately, and so much change! Personally as well as globally we are experiencing and processing a lot. 

At times like this, it’s important to remember that even positive changes are adjustments. Things that we have been longing for come to us and suddenly we find ourselves dealing with a tumble of emotions that were waiting just beyond our desires. The grief and old beliefs are laid bare to be acknowledged. 

Be gentle with yourself and the emotions that arise. There is nothing wrong with you, you are growing along with the world we live in. Be gentle with others as many are experiencing this same thing, and many struggle to put into words what they feel and what they need. 

We have all been through the struggle, we celebrate progress and growth, and we honor allow the wounds to heal each as individuals and as a collective. 

Love wins, and love will continue to win in all struggles. 

Tools to help you cope: Find your center. Allow your energy to come toward your spine and drop into your body. When expanding, reach upward rather than outward laterally, connecting with your high wise self, Angels, and higher guides. Feel your feet on the ground as a blessing to and with the Earth itself. This will allow you to walk through the world noticing others emotions without taking them on as much.