Where is Waldo/Aiyanna?

I’m at the NORWAC astrology conference this weekend, attending lectures and visiting with lots of other astrologers. I love this event. This is the second year that I have attended, and just like last year, I’m glad I’m here.  

Today, moon is finishing up her journey in Aquarius and headed for the watery depths of Pisces. I can’t think of a more perfect moon situation for attending an astrology conference. Moon is square the sun in information junkie Gemini, square warrior Mars retrograde in Scorpio, and sextile Uranus in Aries. Air, water, and fire…and still that grand trine in the earth signs to help us draw it all down into the practical, physical plane.

Today I learned how to look at and work with the “crazy” in people’s charts (starting with my own) and I learned more about expansive Jupiter and how Jupiter relates/correlates with Saturn, then I learned about how to determine which planets are joyful in a chart, and how planets in joyful placement can mitigate the scarier, detrimental potentials show in the energy.  

There are lots of people here this year, some I recognize but more that I don’t, and there are more people from my hometown of Portland attending this year.

I am digesting all this while enjoying a glass of wine before dinner.  

❤️ Aiyanna 

Moon in Enterprising Capricorn Provides Clues to Avoiding Drama Today

Moon is in enterprising Capricorn, headed toward a meet up with Pluto and connection to the ongoing grand trine in earth signs. Moon makes harmonious connections with chatty Mercury – now out of retrograde – in sensuous, stubborn Taurus, spiritual and expansive Jupiter in detail oriented Virgo, and dreamy Neptune in the ocean of Pisces. Other than the Pluto meet-up, lunar aspects look supportive of our ability to stand our ground and choose the direction our lives are going in, if we decide to access what’s available to us.  

Good thing because warrior Mars retrograde opposes the sun in chatty, information junkie Gemini. Gossip, anyone? Mars is headed backwards into the depths of secretive Scorpio, one of the signs that it rules, but this configuration could indicate some touchiness today. See above re: applying focus and discipline available through the moon and keep your eyes and heart on what you want to see, not what you are ready to leave behind.  


Moon Approaching Mars – Full Moon in Sagittarius

Moon is in the depths of intense, take no prisoners Scorpio, headed for a meet-up with warrior Mars (retrograde) in fiery, truth seeking Sagittarius and an opposition to the sun in information junkie Gemini at the Full Moon on Saturday the 21st at 2:14PM PDT.  

Have you had an emotionally intense week? If the answer is yes, then you may already be feeling the intensity of what is possible at this month’s full moon. Moon and Mars will be within one degree of one another and will form connections to wounded healer Chiron and the South Node in Pisces. Healing is possible, but for many, stuff is going to be stirred up. When Mars gets into the mix, he asks us to take action, and when Moon is involved, you can bet you are going to FEEL something, and that something is likely to be close to home, feel personal, and be something that matters to you.  

The saving grace? Aside from the fact that intense energies like this give us the opportunity to take a look at what is really going on for us and check in with how we really feel, Mercury, who has been retrograde in Taurus for weeks, is preparing to station direct. This means that there is a whole lotta mental, communication related energy that feels like it is at a stand still at the moment, and that stand still is adding to the frustration – but – Mercury changing directions has the potential to be the pressure release valve we have been looking for to release the dammed up feeling energies and allow some sense of forward motion again. In other words, if this has been an intense week for you, hang in there, the full moon might seem more intense, but after that we’ve got some smoother energies ahead.  

With so many triggers possible, the best thing to do is simple: Keep breathing. Check in with your breath and notice if you are breathing to connect or breathing to survive. Is your breathing shallow and avoidant, or deep and allowing? Even if you want to run from the energies that are arising in you, you would do best to face them. Breathe into them. The more you push against them, the harder your path will be, so breathe past that fear and notice what is there. What messages do these emotions really have for you? What have you been hiding from yourself? What is it that really matters to you that you have been suppressing and now it’s time to do something about or speak out about?  

Breathing to connect helps us be mindful, and if we slow down and process our own emotional intensity, we are doing exactly what we need to do in order to grow from this rather than act in haste and self sabotage.  

Breathe. Breathe to connect, and survival is guaranteed.  

Much love, 

Aiyanna Lynn

Energy Builds Toward Full Moon in Sagittarius 

Moon cruises through the last degrees of balance seeking and beauty loving Libra today, entering the watery depths of Scorpio later in the evening PDT. Lady Luna is still engaged in her tense relationship with rebellious Uranus and Pioneering Aries and death and rebirth Pluto in enterprising Capricorn. The same second T square with Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune is in play, urging us to get it right so that we will grow in the right direction.  

The planet of the day is dreamy Neptune in the ocean of Pisces. Not only is Neptune part of the T square with expansive Jupiter in Virgo, and warrior Mars and Saturn, lord of karma, in Sagittarius, it sextiles with Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Taurus, and ties into the Grand Trine in the earth signs (Sun, Venus, Mercury in Taurus; Jupiter in Virgo; and Pluto in Capricorn).  

Whatever is going on around you, be sure to make time to stop, get centered in the present moment (grand trine in earth), and center yourself on what you do want, not what you fear/are worried about. There is a solution present in every problem. Choose to focus your mind and heart a little higher to get out of the drama and confusion of the day to day. The drama and confusion are temporary, visible for the moment, the higher focus is what is real and constant. Return to that as much and as often as possible. Let the higher truth be what guides you out of chaos and confusion.  

Energy is building toward the full moon in Sagittarius happening on Saturday afternoon (2:14pm PDT) 

Moon in Libra, a Grand Trine, and A Couple of T Squares

Balance seeking Moon in Libra steps right into a T square with rebel Uranus in pioneering Aires and death and rebirth Pluto in enterprising Capricorn today. We also still have the T square with expansive Jupiter in super organized Virgo, disciplinarian Saturn in wandering sage Sagittarius, and dreamy Neptune in the ocean of Pisces.  
T square patterns can be challenging energy that push us, pull us, and make us feel boxed in simultaneously. These are juicy patterns that WILL result in getting off the couch and taking action. The first T square above, the one involving the moon, wants change (Uranus), while the second T square wants us to get it right so that we can grow in the right direction.  

Saturn, Mars, Pluto and Mercury are still retrograde, but we are beginning to feel the friction of Jupiter’s expanding forward motion as a result of that planet moving direct last Monday. Although parts of us still want to draw inward and take it easy, other parts will want to expand and move. Pushing outward vs. pulling inward. What to do? 
By now almost everyone is feeling the tension of action hero Mars being held back in it’s retrograde and inching backwards into the deep and often murky waters of Scorpio. A second pass at themes that came up the first time Mars tread into those waters is on the horizon. With retrogrades, you get three looks at energy; the first pass takes you to the first layer, the second pass takes you a layer deeper, and the third pass is the healing and integration layer.  
Grand trine in the earth signs continues to remind us to be present with what is, and to consider what resources you need to build a stable, lasting base.  
Today is juicy. It may feel hard to get things done, but truth after truth after truth continues to be revealed. What will you do with all of this information pouring in? Review it, determine what’s important and what’s not – maybe all of the information pouring in is everyone else’s drama and merely a distraction, and maybe you are seeing where you need to do some work on yourself and your approach. 
Reclaim your power, but do it with kindness. It is time to write the script of your life from an empowered and cooperative place. One to one competition is not the path toward the most success, cooperation is – teamwork. Partnership. Moon is in Libra, after all.

Aries, Equinox, and Libra Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse 

Happy belated birthday, Aries! You lead the way into the wheel of the zodiac, and when the sun moves into your sign it’s so powerful that seasons change! You lead the way into Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and Fall in the Southern Hemisphere. 
You embody new life and new beginnings, and the promise of bigger things ahead. You blaze the trail, whether you know what you are doing or not. You have confidence and courage to lead, whether you have experience or not. 

Although the sun is now in Aries, we still have a lot of Pisces energy and we are swimming in the ocean of space between the solar eclipse earlier in the month and the lunar eclipse and Libra full moon later this week. 

Currently the moon is in tidy Virgo, ruled by mental Mercury and is squared by Mars in Sagittarius. Old beliefs and patterns continue to surface for us to examine. We may have a clearer view of what is right for us and be ready to take some action steps in that direction. 

The Full moon and lunar eclipse in Libra on the 23rd has the potential to be especially intense, as is the time leading up to it. Libra, ruled by Venus, asks us what we value – in all areas of life. The eclipse is likely to bring to light some errors of thinking that are ready to be addressed. 

While this may be uncomfortable, it’s necessary. Remember, what we need to face but resist doesn’t go away, it will keep resurfacing for us to deal with. With as much intensity as there is going on in a global scale all around us, do yourself a favor and address what is coming up for you, for, especially for the sensitive among you, it will make it easier to cope when it seems as if the rest of the world has lost its mind. 

Final note: Libra is about BALANCE. What emerges will allow you to take a look at this and make the adjustments that are best for you. 


Between Eclipses 

If yesterday felt a little confining and icky, today will likely feel better. 
Moon is in security loving Cancer, connected to Chiron, Mercury, and the south node of the moon in the deep waters of Pisces, with a weaker connection to Jupiter and the north node of the moon in attentive Virgo, and Jupiter connects with Pluto in grounded and productive Capricorn, and Pluto connects back to the stellium in Pisces that I mentioned above. These planets create a shape called Mystic Rectangle, which not only looks cool visually, but provides some safety valves and escape hatches for handling any harsher energies of the day – or to support you in processing harsh energies of previous days. 

In plain English – pay attention to your emotions today, specifically noticing the wisdom you already have inside you regarding a situation you are trying to make sense of. You will likely notice that what you’ve experienced recently are growing pains that have arrived as a result of outgrowing some part or all of a structure that you have come to rely on to feel safe and stable in the past. 

There can be some discomfort and sadness as these fundamental things evolve and change, but it is time to let go and move toward the miraculous things that wait for you. Be honest with yourself about what you are feeling, honor yourself by honoring your feelings and being gentle and compassionate with yourself. 

The path forward relies on being emotionally honest with yourself and having faith in what lies ahead. This is a very creative time – seize these moments and connect with your creative side more deeply to allow your deeper emotions to be expressed. Beauty is born out of these patterns. 

We are headed to the equinox and a full moon + lunar eclipse which will show us how the pieces with further click into place and set the framework for what lies ahead. 

❤️ Aiyanna