Moon in Cancer 

Moon moves into Cancer today, it’s own sign, the sign of nurturing. Treat yourself to something that pampers you today. Saturn is the anchor of today’s chart, taking its time as it continues its retrograde movement back into Scorpio this summer. 

Saturn forms challenging aspects with Neptune and Sun/Mars/Mercury, keeping words and impulses somewhat in check.Take note of your dreams, including the quality of your daydreams, as the moon is in harmonious aspect to dreamy Neptune while Saturn is challenging it. Saturn’s anchor may help us slow down and honor what Mercury retro is also asking us to do. 

Be task oriented, but allow time for reflection and creativity. ⭐️

Taurus New Moon, Mercury Retrograde

Today’s new moon, happening this evening, is in earthy Taurus, perfect for manifestation. When the moon is new, the sky is a blank slate ready for your creation.  In the hours leading up to the new moon release what no longer serves you. Allow your heart and mind to mirror the open canvas of the sky, and from this place of clarity, articulate your new moon intentions.

This moon wants us to stop and doing and just be for a while. Take a deep breath and just experience things.  Consider what you have, what you want to get rid of, and what you want more of. Tomorrow, moon will move into Gemini, ready for action after your contemplations, but for now, allow yourself to just be in that open space where everything is possible, because it is.

We have been in the shadow period of Mercury retrograde since early May.  This is a time when the planet mercury appears to be stationary in the sky.  It’s still moving, of course, but from our vantage point on Earth it is taking a break from its usual speedy path forward.  Tomorrow (Monday) Mercury will appear to move backwards – retrograde – from where we are.  Mercury retrograde is an astrological phenomenon that many have a lot of fear around, our culture values progress and forward movement and anything impeding this is labeled “bad,” but it needed be viewed this way.  First off, we are eased into the retrograde of any planet by the pause while it stations, and we have been attuning to this for two weeks. Tomorrow, when the energy of ideas and communication begins to move backwards, what it is really doing is reflecting back on itself.  Planets in retrograde ask us to be more reflective than active in the part of our lives that they represent. Retrograde only presents a problem if you work against what the energy is asking you to do, and in Mercury’s case, it’s asking you to stop speeding ahead, and to check in with yourself instead.  It’s a good time to take a look at where to hit the reset button in your life, and to check in with your ideas and ideals and decide which to enhance and which to toss. Retrograde is a check in time to get it right.

It’s also a time of re-appearances.  Old ideas and dreams that we had temporarily forgotten may resurface to be retooled and possibility implemented, people from the past get in touch, lost items are found, and reunions occur.

Because the retrograde begins right after the new moon, outcomes of intentions set may take a while to manifest outwardly, but they are still working beneath the surface so dream away today!


Monday May 4 

Aspects in the sky suggest a checkpoint to our dreams and our progress toward them. Have you set and goals or formulated any dreams (particularly since last summer) that need reviving? If so, make a note of them. 

Today begins the shadow period for Mercury retrograde. Time to slow down a bit. We hear a lot about Mercury retrograde being a challenging thing, but really we are being intimacy to slow down and notice the world around us and even within us and notice any neglected gems or gold. By doing this, we align ourselves with the energy of the retrograde and thus mitigate some Mercury retrograde issues. Communication can become more challenging, allow for this as well. Take this opportunity to listen. 

Keep in mind that those who are unaware of this trick may contend attempts to rush onward, creating tension for themselves which may impact those around them. Stay centered within yourself to avoid being sucked into the vortex. 


Scorpio Full Moon & Lunar Beltane

This evening marks the Lunar Beltane, or Scorpio Full Moon, and completes the 6 month cycle that began on the Scorpio New Moon back in November.  Do you recall the intentions that you set at that time? What were you working on, what were you planting the seeds for?  In lunar terms, today is the time in the cycle that those seeds bear fruit.

It’s also a time of visiting those things that we may have hidden.  These don’t have to be negative, shadowy things, they may simply be information that you have kept private from people and that you are now ready to take a look at and share.  If shadow aspects and themes are coming up for you, the Taurian Sun will allow you to examine these in a grounded, practical, and useful way.

Aspects to todays Full Moon show a potential for conflict between wanting to do your inner work, and throwing it all to heck and just taking off and doing whatever it is that pleases you, and either path is fine as long as you keep in mind that inner work will eventually need to be done; inner work has a tendency to continue to confront us, usually in larger and larger ways, until we can no longer ignore it. This moon’s aspects show energies particularly supportive of taking a look at old wounds and traumas in a balanced way, so keep that in mind as you decide whether to look and how deeply to look.

Harmonious aspects between our deep emotions and our ability to work beyond the veil of the ordinary to find solutions and healing. Meditation, shamanic journey, ecstatic dance, music – basically anything that gets you out of your head – will allow you to connect with ancestors, guides, and angels on the other side who are willing and ready to help you.

Full moons are a time of release.  Being that this is also Beltane, a releasing ceremony or ritual is highlighted.  Lovemaking also counts.

Aho! and Blessed Be

Processing Final Goodbyes 

I said farewell to a friend this week. Death is an inevitable part of life, we are all born, and we all die. It’s the steps along the way, the people you meet, the things that you experience, and what you learn that measures life. When a loved one passes, you find yourself reliving the precious moments that you shared, and realizing that there will be no more shared memories. Each day is precious, full of emotional riches. Blessed are those who take the time to notice and savor, for they are the richest of all. 


Virgo Moon, Grand Trine in Earth 

Today’s moon is healing. Moon, sun, and Pluto form a grand trine (a big triangle) in earth, creating what feels like a hug after an endless run in trines in action oriented fire signs. 
We should be able to get to the bottom of things if we tune into the moment to feel and think before reacting. 

Moon is still in Virgo, and sun is in Taurus. If you have a chance to spend time outside today, it’s a good day to count how many shades of green you see in the natural world around you. Then allow those greens to wash over and through you in order to make sense of this mad mad world we live in and how you might best serve it. 

Aho ⭐️


Moon has been in Leo this past weekend, and will be until this evening. Today’s moon will stand up for what it believes in, especially with Mars, the planet of action, so close to Mercury, the planet of thoughts and words, so close together in Taurus, along with the Sun – our vitality, which is also in Taurus. 

Moon moves into Virgo this evening, creating a harmonious trine of Earth and Earth. If you have been involved with any type of battle or conflict, either with others or yourself, I suspect it will feel like time to rest and feel the embrace of your own gratitude.