New Moon in Sagittarius

We are in the window of the new moon in Sagittarius.. Exact on Tuesday November 29th at 4:16AM PST. 

Sagittarius is the sign of exploration and higher mind, and today we have the sun, the moon, Saturn, and Mercury in Sagittarius. The sun is our vitality, what makes us shine, the moon is our emotional reset button – where we go to recharge, Saturn is the teacher or coach who wants us to get it right, and Mercury represents the mind, communication, and travel. All of these planets are actors, and the costume they are wearing, the lens they are looking through, is Sagittarius. The Sage, philosopher, teacher, traveling sales person, on a quest for understanding the deeper meanings of things.  

The waning moon phase that we have just been through was one of the most powerful of the year. We have come so far, and we have shed so much. November has been a true test, traveling through the deep and shadowy truth that Scorpio affords us the opportunity to look at. Emotions have been high, and disappointment, disillusionment, and grief have surfaced to be recognized and healed. We have become more and more of ourselves, more and more whole. More and more authentic. That’s what Sagittarius wants. The real you.  

What do you stand for? To what lengths are you willing to go in order to meet yourself more fully? Make no mistake, while Sagittarius is brighter and lighter feeling that Scorpio can be, we are still in the dark time of the year; the time for reflection. What do you believe in? What do you not believe in? And how do these beliefs color your world? What kind of world will you create for yourself in this next chapter?  

Reflect well as you set your intentions for this new moon cycle. Sagittarius supports setting intentions in the realms of travel, study, spiritual practices, laughter, gratitude, and abundance.  

A Look at the Aries Full Moon Energy 

The Aries Full Moon window is open! Exact at 9:23PM PDT on October 15th with the moon (our emotions) conjunct Uranus (the erratic, unpredictable change-maker) and Eris (named after the Greek goddess of discord and strife) in headstrong Aries opposite the shining Sun in fairness and balance seeking Libra. 

That in and of itself is interesting enough, however add in dynamic tension with Pluto (death and rebirth) and passionate, warrior Mars in make-it-happen Capricorn creating a square to both the Sun and the Moon. We balance this energy by actively doing something transformative. If you haven’t already done it, now is the perfect time to “clean out your closets” in preparation for the next stage of your growth. 

Where I live, the energetic Aries Full Moon will be dramatically punctuated by a big rain and wind storm, which I find apt and very interesting.  

We have had enormous opportunity to open up and examine our shadow side on an individual and collective level particularly as it relates to the balance of masculine and feminine power as well as whether or not we are better off being separate from one another or celebrating our connection to each other on a deeper level. As often happens when we are learning something new, there can be a tenancy to swing wildly from one extreme to the other as we process and honor what we have experienced and how we have approached the world and everything in it up until this point. Once we are ready to let go of what has been familiar but perhaps not so healthy, we are able to plunge head-long into a new chapter.  

Sometimes old ways die hard. Wounds and traumas are often opened up in order to be healed. Sometimes we are thankful for moments like this that provide the momentum to let go and move on – to “let go and let God.” Change is not simply coming, change has arrived, and your relationship to that reality will impact your experience deeply right now. Allow yourself to soften and release your grip. Perhaps just let the energy carry you, let the falling leaves be your guide and reminder to let go.  

We are well into the harvest time of the year, a perfect time to reflect back on all that we have experienced and celebrate how far we’ve come – and we have come so far! Energy is still “busy” but is slowing down, heading into a period of rest. At least that is what the seasonal energy is encouraging us to do, and as we head toward and past Halloween/Samhain, we would do well to remember this as the holiday party invitations come pouring in. Winter is meant to be a period of DEEP REST. 

One of the expressions we hear a lot about this time of year is “the thinning of the veil” and it’s true – as we watch the natural world around us dying back and letting go in preparation for winter, we can notice the subtler energies around us shifting and changing as well. The sun falls lower in the horizon, rises later and sets earlier, the air grows colder, and – at least where I live – it grows more and more damp. The energy of summer is dying and falling lower and lower to the ground where it will eventually be digested like the leaves fallen from the trees, turning to mulch and rich and eventually rich and fertile soil for new life come spring time. As the natural world dies around us, we recall our ancestors and invite the wisdom of their experience into our lives along with a remembrance of love shared.  

New Moon/Black Moon in Libra

The Libra new moon, exact on Friday at 5:11PM PDT. This is the second new moon this month, known as a Black Moon.  

Sun and moon will meet up at 8 degrees Libra, and expansive Jupiter is close behind at 4 degrees. Sun, moon, and Jupiter square passionate Mars which has just entered the enterprising sign of Capricorn, forms a wide square with death and rebirth Pluto in enterprising Capricorn, and sextiles lord of Karma Saturn in truth seeking Sagittarius.  

Elsewhere, the lovely goddess Venus is plumbing the depths of Scorpio with a harmonious connection to dreamy Neptune in the ocean of Pisces. Mercury in discerning Virgo forms a square with stern Saturn and opposes wounded healer Chiron in Pisces.  

The Black Moon is considered and excellent time for shadow work – work that involves acknowledging and integrating the parts of ourselves that we would usually deny in order to heal them – and planetary aspects of this moon set the stage for support of that work. In my article for Lotus Moon Magazine (link in the comments), I referred to this moon as a healing moon, allowing us to tap into the deeper aspects of ourselves and our relationships with others in our lives. Which of those relationships are supporting us, and which seem to drain our resources? Can we approach the relationships that drain us in a more balanced way to equalize the energy of give and take that we are experiencing within them? How are we showing up in our world, really? How are we acting in ways that are out of alignment with the message that we are communicating? And, in the relationships that are troubling us, how have we contributed to the state of those connections, and how might we adjust our approach so that we are better able to connect?  

Now is also an excellent time to take a look at the rubble that you might find yourself surrounded by as a result of the September eclipse cycle. What was revealed? How are you handling it? Is it time for self care? Is it time to tap into your joy again?  

With sun, moon and Jupiter linked up in Libra, I would say that is is. Now is an excellent time to get together with kindred spirits – your tribe – and enjoy the heck out of your connections. Cherish them, revel in them, allow the joyful connected experience to seep all the way through your bones and infuse your soul with the possibilities that lie ahead. 

Much love and many blessings – 


Pisces Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse 

The Pisces full moon and lunar eclipse window is open. Exact at 12:05PM PDT on Friday, September 16th, how this lunation impacts you will vary based on where it lands in your chart. 

Shiny sun and mental Mercury in Virgo stare down the sensitive moon conjunct wounded healer Chiron in the emotional, watery depths of Pisces, and both ends of this see-saw square passionate Mars in the truth seeking sign of Sagittarius, creating what is known as a mutable T square. Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are mutable signs, so named because they represent the energy of the changing seasons. As an example, right now the sun is in Virgo and the season (at least in the northern hemisphere) is summer, but in a week’s time the sun will enter Libra and Fall will begin. Virgo energy supports transition. So does Sagittarius, the sign that the sun is in during late Fall until it enters Capricorn on the winter solstice and the season of winter officially begins, and the sun is in Pisces during late winter until the spring equinox when it moves into Aries and spring begins.  

T square energy is the dynamic tension that gets us up off the couch and address something that’s gone from mildly annoying to incredibly irritating, and we are likely all at that point by now as this mutable T square has been in place for a while. It’s frustrating, it feels like nothing is settled, and there is so much to do, so many things to address, we are not sure where to start.  

We are likely to feel fired up, fed up, and ready to speak up, however, we are not likely to see the outcome that we want if we blow up. Remember to breathe, stay grounded, and choose your battles. The purpose of the pressure points that you have been noticing is to get your attention so that you’ll spend some time reflecting on how you are really feeling.

Moon in Pisces might find it challenging to discern what emotions are mine and what are not mine. Check in with yourself. I do this by placing my hand on my belly and inwardly asking myself the question “whose (insert emotion here) is this?”  

We are also experiencing the last in a series of squares between stern, structured Saturn and nebulous Neptune which could add to potential confusion – or it could offer the opportunity to look at things in a new way. It could also simply feel confusing, and that’s OK, too, for in time things will become clearer and make more sense.  

This is the last in the current series of eclipses that make up this fall’s eclipse season. You’ve heard me say this a lot in the past few months, but eclipses are like re-set buttons; often information that was hidden from us is revealed. In the aftermath, we adapt, we face parts of ourselves we weren’t familiar with and tap into strengths we didn’t know we had. In short – we grow.  

Stay present and notice what arises.  

Much love and many blessings, 

❤️ Aiyanna 

Virgo New Moon and Solar Eclipse 

We are in the window of the new moon and solar eclipse in Virgo – exact on September 1 at 2:03AM PDT.  

With sun and moon in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces, now is the perfect time to dream a new dream. For those of you that set intentions, the energy of this new moon is focused in the areas of physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual health, and is good for setting long term goals. This new moon packs an extra punch because it coincides with a solar eclipse. The darkness of this particular night sky is especially deep, and our intentions are intensified. Eclipses are like doorways of awareness that open up, and often when they occur, things that have been hidden like are revealed. These can be actions, beliefs, desires, and even deceits, and the house where the eclipse falls in your chart can point the way toward where this might show up for you. This solar eclipse falls at 10 degrees Virgo.    

The sun/moon opposition form a T square to Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius. Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius is asking us to take action toward what we believe in – do you know what you believe in? Are your actions and daily habits in line with what you believe? Is the work that you do day to day supporting or working against what you hold dear?  

The energy this week is potent, intense, and somewhat unpredictable. See your way through any chaos that is arising by maintaining focus on a long term outcome that you wish to see. Step into the bigger picture, and dare to dream a new dream (see above!) and remind yourself that some of this mess is just noise. Take a cue from lovely Venus, which has recently entered Libra, and consider what will bring you feelings of harmony, balance, and cooperation. 

Mercury is officially retrograde in Virgo, one of the signs that it rules. We can expect delays in forward movement for the next three weeks, so take this time to check the details of your endeavors.  

Much love, 

❤️ Aiyanna 
PS: This forecast was delayed because I wrote it in another program and, for some reason, copy and paste was not working. I thought I was going to have to re-type the whole thing out again. No kidding! How’s that for an example of a Mercury retrograde quirk? smh ☺️

Where’s Aiyanna? And Mini Reading Special through August 31st

Hello, readers!  

I have been running a eclipse season mini reading special promoted through my public Facebook page that has kept me away from this blog for a few weeks. Usually I post my full and new moon forecasts on both my Facebook page and on this blog, but recently I have missed a couple of repostings to this page.  If you would like like to catch up on what you may have missed, you can find them here: I also post lunar energy forecasts there on a fairly regular and consistent basis.  
Also, if you would like a mini reading, I am running a special for the eclipse season – $20 for a 20-30 minute reading with me where we will look at your natal chart and where the eclipses will be hitting it, as well as some upcoming transits you’ll be experiencing.  The special is on for just a few more days, bookings made after August 31st will be at the regular price. If you’re interested in taking me up on this special, contact me through the email link on my Facebook page and we will set something up!  I meet with folks that live in the Portland/Vancouver area in person on weekends, and with those that live out of area at 7:30PM Pacific Time via Skype.  

Today, though, while the moon is in Cancer, we have a stellium in Virgo, and Mars and Saturn at the apex of a T square in Sagittarius…I am headed off the grid and into the woods for the day for some much needed connection to the birds, trees, and the river.  I will respond to all messages later in the day on Sunday.  

Much love, 


New Moon in Leo – Shine Your Brightest!

The Leo New Moon window is OPEN! Exact at 1:44PM PDT at 11 degrees Leo, the sun and make their monthly rendez-vous. How and where do you want to SHINE? It’s Leo time, and that means warm hearted and playful fun. Sun and moon form a harmonious trine to stern Saturn in truth seeking Sagittarius, lending a nice foundation to the intentions that we set for today, particularly intentions centered on your personal truth and what’s most important to you. Sun and moon are challenged by nebulous Neptune and the south node, conjuct in Pisces allowing any confusing energy to fall away into the darkness of the blank slate that the new moon brings us.  

How will you express your heart this lunar cycle? What parts of you are ready to be dusted off and brought forward? Tune in to your heart and notice what makes it expand!

As an added bonus, a few hours before the new moon, Mars will move from Scorpio to Sagittarius, bringing the potential for a lightening of the heaviness and uncertainty that we may be seeing and feeling in the world today. Sagittarius is a seeker of ultimate truth, and is ready and willing to travel far and wide to get in touch with and understand that truth.  

On the horizon, Mars is headed for a meet up with Saturn in Sagittarius, which could bring an intensity around what our boundaries are and whether or not they are being honored. Also, eclipse season is right around the corner, the first one being a lunar eclipse at the full moon in Aquarius, followed by a solar eclipse in Virgo, then another lunar eclipse in Pisces. Additionally, Mercury will station retrograde in Virgo on August 30th, and Jupiter will be changing signs (from Virgo to Libra) on September 9. Curious what this means for you? Send me a note, let’s set something up!  

But for today, it’s time to relax into the gap of the lunar pause known as the new moon, and set your heart on manifesting your brightest, shiniest Leo life!


Much love, 

❤️ Aiyanna