Full Moon in Cancer

We have arrived at the last full moon of the year! Here we are, on Christmas Day, under the influence of a full moon in Cancer.

Brief astro mechanics explanation: The full moon occurs when the sun and moon are directly opposite each other. The sun is currently in industrious Capricorn, and today the moon is directly opposite the sun in home and family oriented, nurturing Cancer. In astrology, when two planets are opposite each other, our attention is pulled in two opposite directions. This can be considered stressful, however, if you understand that it is possible to balance the two extremes by honoring them both, you possess the secret key to the way through a conundrum. How can two seeming extremes work together? Can they? Most assuredly, they can, if we identify the underlying theme between the two. In this case, both are looking for and seek to create safety and stability.

The themes today are observation and vulnerability. Acknowledge your feelings and observe what goes on around you, knowing that, like the sun and the moon opposing each other in the sky today, we are all in fact seeking a version of the same things – to be seen, to be heard, to be valued…we are simply approaching these things in our own unique ways. Each of us is on a path of healing our own wounds, and it’s not for us to judge the path that another walks for being different from our own: Your path is just right for you, and another’s path is just right for them.

Acknowledge and honor the heart today – your own first, and then outwardly, observe the heart of all that you come in to contact with today, for as you know, this is the true Spirit of the Season.

That being said, with the moon in Cancer, it is OK to know your limits. If you find that the hustle, hurry, and bustle are simply too much for you today, give yourself permission to step away from the fray and honor your heart and your feelings, and consider the ways that you are the answer to what you are seeking.

God Bless,



December Solstice 

Depending on where you are in the world, the December solstice occurs sometime on the 21st or the 22nd this year. On the west coast USA, the solstice is exact at 8:49PM on Monday December 21st when the sun enters Capricorn. 
This year, the solstice feels filled with opportunity. 2015 has been a year of great change for many, a year of letting go of things we didn’t want to let go of and feeling pointed in a direction we didn’t anticipate heading, and here we are in the final weeks of this year. The weeks between the new moon and now have been a time of deep integration. We are getting ready to head on a journey into the New, and we have been reflecting on the roads that we’ve taken not only this year but in all the years of our lives leading up to this point.  
If at all possible, take some time to reflect and connect with the deepest part of yourself. Honor yourself for the hard journeys that you have been on, have compassion for the lessons that you have learned, particularly the hard ones, for those are the ones that change us and transform our lives the most.  
The next three months are a time to ground in our relationship with ourself as well as with others. I recommend documenting what’s important to you in some way – write it down, draw it, anything to get the things that are currently going on within you outside of you so that you are able to look at them in a more objective way. Doing this exercise will support your ability to integrate and make the shifts – many of them small – that are needed in order to step into your future.  
Also, if you haven’t already, now is the time to vision for 2016; but for today, be sure to pause and feel gratitude for yourself and your journey.  

Love, Aiyanna

Sagittarius New Moon

The Sagittarius New Moon window is OPEN. Sagittarius is the sign of the adventurer, the philosopher, the sage, and at 2:29 AM PST on Friday December 11, the sun and moon meet in Sagittarius.  
When Sun and Moon are travelling together in the sky, our inner and outer worlds meet and vibrate at a frequency that is more closely matched. With this new moon, our boundaries are pushed beyond the ordinary, we see and feel what is possible beyond whatever current struggles we see around us and in the world. With this new moon, we see what is possible.  
We have cleared so much of the old, and while there is still more to clear – for there is always more to clear, we are in touch with HOPE. The air is thick with change, with the mutable fire of Sagittarius tumbling toward the winter solstice and the change of seasons. The seasons outside us reflect the seasons within us, for just as the seasons change so do we. Now more than ever we see the landscape around us shifting, so much is changing! And we can choose to look through the lens of fear or the lens of opportunity.
Sagittarius asks us to tune in deeply to our beliefs and to question why we do the things we have always done. What do you believe? What traditions have you followed for this time of year, and are they appropriate for you this year? Are they in line with your beliefs? Do they give you hope? Or do they feel like a heavy weight and an obligation? Perhaps it’s time to break with tradition and to begin to form new patterns? The new moon is a time of great potential. Take this time to boldly envision a future that you choose to see play out in your life and in the world.    

❤️ Aiyanna

Moon in Leo, Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius 

Does it feel like you’ve turned over a new leaf after this past weekend?  
Moon is currently in Leo, shining a spotlight on what’s important to us and how we want to be seen and what we want to be appreciated for. Lady Luna is in harmonious relationship with mercury in Sagittarius and with Uranus in Aries; all fire signs. Notice what you’re passionate about today, allow this pattern to remind you of which way your compass naturally points. 
Sun (our vitality) and Saturn (boundaries, limits) are cozy at the same degree in Sagittarius. Our attention is being drawn toward an area where we need to set limits in order to increase our vitality. We could feel we have to power to set limits and move in a more healthy, clear direction, or we could find ourselves faced with a limit we weren’t ready or willing to face. Either way, Saturn, our cosmic editor and life coach, is helping us to see more clearly the direction of our lives. Let go of the past and step courageously into the future. 
For the Astro savvy, the sun/Saturn conjunction forms a stressful relationship to early degrees of Virgo and Pisces, and harmonious relationships with early degrees of Leo and Aries, you are more likely to feel these if you’ve got planets or points in those areas.

Sagittarius Gift

Today is a day to make changes. Yeah, it’s a day of traditions due to the holiday, but… Astrological energy fully supports change and healthy letting go. 
Emotions were spent at the full moon. While we are still under the expansiveness of the full moon energy, there is a sense of relief. Chaos can be dialed back. If chaos still seems to be building up around you, simply take a step back for a moment and see from a higher perspective. This is always available to you, but is especially available now. 
If you want something different, you must do something different. Allow the pioneering spirit of Sagittarius energy to assist you with making new and healthy choices. 
Much love, much gratitude, and many blessings! 
Happy Thanksgiving to folks in the US! 
Aiyanna ❤️

Wednesday’s Full Moon in Gemini

Wednesday’s full moon in Gemini shows some signs of potential accelerator + brake syndrome, thanks to interference from Saturn.  

In Gemini, the moon can feel flighty, restless, filled with an explosion of ideas. Put pen to paper to channel this restlessness, jotting down the myriad of ideas surging through, but be fully prepared to work on them another day. 
Exact at 2:44PM PST, the moon in Gemini faces off against Sun and Saturn teamed up in Sagittarius. The sun represents our vital force, and Saturn, nicknamed the Lord of Karma, creates boundaries. This isn’t all bad, Saturn wants us to get it right and not settle for less than what is our highest good. Saturn helps us creates the structures required for success.  
Saturn is also challenging dreamy Neptune. Where Saturn places boundaries, Neptune dissolves them. Here Saturn wants us to get it right and Neptune wants us to think outside the box. This is fantastic energy for manifesting just the right thing, so have no fear. Saturn will be making a series of exact squares with Neptune from now until fall of 2016, so this is energy that we will get used to over the course of the next 10 months or so.  
Best path forward: Consider Saturn your Life Coach, and get ready to reflect, revise and redirect. When it comes to your wildest dreams. If you have a number of goals you’ve been dreaming of, prioritize them, and focus on the one that will bring the best return on your investment.

Mercury / Saturn Conjunction 

Mercury and Saturn are at the same degree today. Feeling a bit tongue tied recently? I know I have been. Mercury represents things like communication, ideas, and travel, and Saturn energy is cold and constricting, and when the two team up like they are, you can feel it as tightness in your throat or a mind that feels a lot slower than usual. 
Although moon will be full in Gemini tomorrow afternoon, it’s still in Taurus today which is quite different from Gemini. Gemini is fed by ideas, but Taurus prefers real food over food for thought. Treat yourself to some comfort food for lunch today. 
Moon forms an easy trine with Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn today, all of these are earth signs, and while there is some wild and stirred up energy out there, this earth can keep us grounded if we choose it. Slow down and notice the details, be patient. The world around you may spin, but you can find that calm space with if you desire. 
Remember the comfort food today, and if you haven’t already, begin a gratitude log to help you through the holidays. No need to shout it from the rooftops if you don’t feel like sharing, this is a tool for you. Take care of yourself. 
❤️ Aiyanna